Under new EU legislation. We are obliged to ask you to accept our cookies.

Nearly all web sites use cookies in some form. A cookie is a small piece of text that can be read by the website that sets the cookie. For example: Amazon uses cookies to track your progress through the site and shows you previous items you have viewed. Also when you return to the site, Amazon may show you suggested products that may interest you. In this case cookies are helping you to review what you have recently viewed and suggest products that you have already shown an interest to. Normally cookies have to be set to make a website function correctly. Depending on what type of websites you visit, cookies should not be seen as threat to your personal details.

Cookies used on the payontime website only have 2 functions.

1) To track a users progress through the site such as pages visited, amount of time on site, landing pages and exit pages. This is set by the Google Analytics plug-in. This helps us understand popular sections of the site and pages thus helping us improve those pages.

2) To remember users who have previously created an account on the site and ticked 'remember  me'. When you return to the site you may be automatically logged in saving you time.


To delete any cookies set for the function of the Payontime website: Refer to your browsers help files. Locate where your cookies can be edited. Delete any cookies generated by the Payontime website.